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Craft Polished Presentations

Do your sales presentations truly communicate
what you bring to the table?

Or do you sound like every other agency? During our corporate marketing, we sat through plenty of agency reviews and pitch presentations. You'd be surprised how undistinguished many of them were. Marketers we know walk into pitch presentations desperately wanting to hear something different, and so frequently are disappointed by the lack of unique differentiation.

Matchstick creates presentations that set your agency apart

In order to get your customers to act, you need to move them emotionally. Your presentation must disturb, excite and assure.

Our experience has taught us the recipe for creating successful presentations. Pretty slides discussing capabilities are not enough. Laundry lists of capabilities, services, or big-name clients don't set you apart from the agency that walks in after you. Your presentation needs to contain the elements that move your customers to take action.

We help you present your capabilities with a powerful story and highly polished slides that reflect the value that you bring to your clients. We provide the vehicle to engage your clients in a meaningful discussion, and win the business.

First, we work with you to uncover the story

Information and facts are most compelling when integrated into a story that your clients connect with. We interview you and your team to uncover your story. This becomes the basis of the presentation, the path for you to lead your client down.

Next, we assess the competitive landscape

Who are you competing with for the business? What are their capabilities? How are you different?

Matchstick will help tease out the compelling points of differentiation that make you stand out. We'll hone in on messaging that will resonate with your target audience, to convince them that your agency is the right choice for their project.

Then, we cast the story in terms that motivate clients

If you are seeking a new client, you need to convince them to change from their current (read: safe) agency. If you're presenting to a client who has used your services before, you need to remind them why you should be the agency of choice.

To move customers along the path to purchase, you need to answer three questions in order:

  1. Why should your client listen to you and consider changing what they're doing now? (disturb)
  2. What are the possibilities and benefits for your client if they change? (excite)
  3. Why are your capabilities the best to fulfill the possibilities? (assure)

Fortunately, we've found that most agencies have the answers to all three questions, and just need help drawing them out and structuring them into a story that hangs together. We can help you do just that.

Finally, we deliver a handcrafted presentation designed to sell.

Once we develop your value story, we craft a beautiful PowerPoint presentation that communicates your message with style. We utilize engaging graphics that communicate clearly and succinctly. Your professional sales presentation will inspire confidence in your target audience.

Our presentation "wowed" them!

"For a recent client pitch, we knew we were the best choice for the job, but the presentation we'd been using didn't adequately capture why. Erika has been on the receiving end of many of these presentations, and knew what to emphasize. She helped draw out our real value and points of distinction. Then, she delivered them through a presentation that truly resonated with the marketers. She helped us succeed."

- Carmel Cerullo-Beiter,
Vice President/Partner, J Fitzgerald Group

Why work with Matchstick? Why work with Matchstick?
  • We know what drives med tech marketers. We've been there. We understand the underlying hot buttons.
  • We've sat through many agency reviews and presentations. We know the phrases and messages that sound like "blah, blah, blah" to marketers because everyone says the same thing. We help make your message different, so that it stands out.
  • We've helped agencies win business with our presentations. Even against much larger agencies. Let Matchstick help you.