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Harness Voice of the Customer

Does your agency have the capability and experience to help
your client effectively gather and use market input?

Med Tech marketers are working faster than ever. They rely on your services to help them stay ahead
of the competition.  The Voice of the Customer is critical to developing resonant value propositions and effective campaigns.

Matchstick has deep VOC experience.

During our corporate marketing careers, we developed, managed and analyzed data from numerous VOC projects. We ensure that customer research projects deliver the needed insights. We're skilled bringing those insights to life. We're not a market research firm – we're experienced marketers and consumers of research information, and we know how to turn it into actionable insights.

We can structure your market
research plan

Do you need to develop value props? Test promotional materials?

Invite Matchstick to set your research agenda. We use proven creative thinking techniques help fully consider your challenge and provide you with a roadmap that gets you the insights you need to be successful. With the agenda, you also get the story that helps you sell the investment to your client.

We mine older data
for new insights

Sometimes, your client thinks that investing in new data collection is a waste because they've conducted so many studies already. These studies may be a year or more old, but the insights are still relevant. Often, as business circumstances change, old research takes on new relevance.

Let Matchstick mine the data with a fresh set of eyes. Is there hidden information that could help your positioning today? A new perspective from Matchstick lets them extract even more value from the research you've already paid for.

We manage VOC projects,
soup to nuts

Even when you hire a great market research firm, the quality of the results depends a lot on you. It's time consuming to provide the guidance required to get great results. Setting clear objectives. Writing the research brief. Developing discussion guides or surveys. Monitoring progress. Analyzing the output.

We're expert at extracting the hidden insights and translating them into messages that you can run with.

We've successfully managed many marketing research projects and can do the same for you. Let Matchstick do the work, and enjoy actionable marketing strategies as a result.

When can Harness the Voice of the Customer help?

Linking Customer Pain Points to Requirements

"Erika creatively used our Market Driven Product Development process to identify pain points in the Pediatric market, then developed marketing strategies and services to address them. She is highly customer-focused, resulting in her ability to create unique points of differentiation."

- Sheila Mello,
Principal, Product Development Consulting and
Author of Customer Centric Product Definition


Creative use of Market Research

"Erika is interested in applying research in new ways to elicit meaningful and actionable customer insights. I've worked with her on numerous projects in which she has pushed the envelope to apply methodologies in ways that illuminate customer motivations for the benefit of her business."

- Rebekkah Carney,
Principal, Kinemedica Market Solutions

 Why work with Matchstick? Why work with Matchstick?
  • We've used VOC to develop successful Med Tech devices. We've used customer insights to define the product requirements of some of the leading medical technology devices in the world.
  • We've managed research initiatives of all shapes. We've managed quantitative and qualitative projects. We've used a wide variety of research methodologies. We know how to work with vendors to match the right methodology with the desired outcome.
  • We've translated VOC into marketing success. We've applied VOC to develop market shaping product positioning. We’ve created value propositions that helped products maintain premium price positions.