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Stay Top of Mind

Who will your customers think of the next time
they need Creative services?

Are you sure it will be you? It’s competitive out there! Sure, your clients think the world
of your capabilities. How can you ensure that you’re the agency they think of when they need you?

Let Matchstick create a plan that will keep your business in the spotlight

It's important for creative agencies to be in the right place at the right time. Your clients have many choices.

We can put your agency front-and-center without being annoying or too promotional. The key is to provide value by creating content that your clients care about, and engaging them routinely with interesting material. In today's digital world, there are many options for you to do so. Let Matchstick create a plan for you to engage and delight them.

Define Your Business Goals

We'll spend time with you to understand your business objectives, customer base, and what you are doing to engage them today. This enables us to build a plan tailored to fit your goals.

Run a workshop to generate ideas

We'll facilitate a workshop with you, using proven creative thinking techniques to generate new ways for you to engage your customers. We'll strengthen and prioritize ideas so that they are ready for us to capture in a plan.

Map Your Communications Plan

We'll take the output from our workshop and create a plan designed to keep your business top-of-mind with your target customers. We'll provide ideas for you to create content that your customers will value. Your plan could include activities like email marketing, blogging, LinkedIn, publishing and speaking to get your business noticed in a positive way.

We'll map the detailed activities on a calendar so you can see your plan at a glance, and avoid the last minute scramble to come up with ideas.

Why work with Matchstick? Why work with Matchstick?
  • First, we're successful practitioners of marketing. We were product managers for many years, and know what good, actionable plans look like.
  • We're students of customer relationship building. We keep abreast of the capabilities that the Internet brings to creating ongoing conversations with customers. We're fascinated by the interactivity, and can share lots of ways to make it work for you.
  • We've helped agencies build customer relationships. We know how to get you noticed.