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Move Beyond Brainstorming

Move beyond brainstorming™ and get to really new ideas.

Imagine your team, developing breakthrough creative ideas for your clients
more quickly than you have before. Imagine collaborative creative sessions
with your clients as engaging, fun and interesting.

Imagine your clients, wowed by your methodology.

Creative professionals are using Lateral Thinking to move beyond brainstorming every day. Think differently with this set of tools, developed by guru Edward de Bono. They are easy to learn and apply, and help develop extraordinary new ideas in the same amount of time you currently spend on brainstorming.

Lateral Thinking Process

Matchstick training in Lateral Thinking teaches tools to follow these simple steps:

  • Focus. Everyone solves the same problem at once.
  • Create. The tools we teach you get you to really new solutions.
  • Harvest. Collect as many usable concepts as possible.
  • Strengthen. Use the tools we teach to overcome concerns and make good ideas great.
Why is Lateral Thinking Different from Brainstorming?

Move Beyond Brainstorming

Brainstorming Lateral Thinking
Leaves it to participants to define the problem Starts with the group being clear about the problem being solved
A crisply stated focus clarifies the task at hand for the group.
Produces random, unorganized ideas Generates large numbers of really new ideas
Structured tools are used in quick succession in a systematic process.
Begins with high energy, then gradually loses steam Maintains sustained high energy
Switching between Lateral tools keeps things fresh and ideas flowing.
Produces top-of-mind ideas Produces truly novel ideas
Lateral Thinking tools break traditional thinking patterns.
Focuses on the number of ideas
(how many flipcharts can you fill?)
Improves both quantity and quality of ideas
Tools are used to strengthen good ideas so they become great.
How can Lateral Thinking
help you?
How It Works
An Overview of our Course

We offer a live, one-day training program for your team. As we taught our colleagues when in our corporate careers, we use highly interactive, hands-on training to build confidence and competence in using these tools.

During the class, we cover:

We ask that you bring some real-life examples from your projects that would benefit from creative thinking, so you will walk away with new ideas that you can implement when you return to work.

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Move Beyond BrainstormingDownload this Infographic about how Lateral Thinking compares to brainstorming that you can share with others on your team.

How Do We Price Our Training?

The pricing for the standard program is fixed per-person, starting at $799. Our prices include all training materials. We bill travel separately in addition to these fees.

We can customize the program for you as well. Contact us for more details.

Lateral Thinking beats brainstorming hands down

"Matchstick used Lateral Thinking tools to name our company. The response has been incredible – our name really captures exactly what we do for our clients. I've been in hundreds of brainstorms over the years – Lateral Thinking beats it hands down"

- Rich Caizza,
inventor on over 50 patents,
and principal of Fulcrum PDC

Lateral Thinking brings global teams together

"There's nothing more difficult than pulling together a global team to name a new product – everyone's got a different perspective. I recently hired Matchstick to facilitate a naming workshop, using the Lateral Thinking techniques. This process helped a diverse group of people get to the heart of our differentiation. It delivered multiple naming ideas, with a selection of many that one would work well."

Senior Global Product Manager,
Fortune 500 Company

Lateral Thinking Got Me Seven Patents

"We used market research results to set our focus on developing new packaging opportunities that could have clinical impact. The Lateral and Six Hats Thinking tools helped me contribute seven ideas I ended up patenting. And this was over a lunchtime session! I've never been in a meeting like that before."

- Glenn Kopf,
Senior Packaging Engineer

Why choose Matchstick to train you in Lateral Thinking?Why choose Matchstick to train you in Lateral Thinking?
  • We understand how it applies in business settings. Because we've used these tools for years in our corporate careers, we understand the kinds of problems these tools are best suited for and focus our training so it's most relevant to you.
  • Erika's a certified trainer: she has trained many businesspeople in these methods.
  • We know they work: We've created brand names, products, and programs using these tools.
  • We practice them every day: We use these techniques every day with our clients.
  • We don't deliver cookie-cutter training: When you train with us, you get enthusiastic, customized instruction. We show you how to use the tools that apply to your own situation.