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Run Better Meetings

Run meetings that people want to attend with the Six Thinking Hats.

Imagine that people look forward to attending your meetings.  Imagine your meetings,
starting and ending on time.  Imagine your participants, getting to the point
and considering ideas from all different perspectives.

Imagine reaching a clear decision.  Imagine participants who own that decision.

Creative professionals are running better meetings every day by using The Six Thinking Hats. This set of tools, developed by thinking guru Edward de Bono, provide the Cure to the Common Meeting™.

Each colored hat represents a thinking role. The group "wears" different hats in sequence during a meeting. By mentally wearing and switching "hats," you can easily focus or redirect thoughts, the conversation, or the meeting.

Matchstick training in the Six Thinking Hats teaches tools that help you:

  • Get focused. People are clear on the problem being addressed.
  • Fully consider ideas. The group shares information, judges, evaluates, and creates in turn.
  • Control personalities. Switching hats limits ability of any one person to dominate the conversation.
  • Move more quickly, end on time. Time limits clarify thinking, get to the point, and stop pontification.
  • Gain engagement on next steps. They emerge as you use the hats. Because the team contributes the ideas, they own the outcomes.
What makes Six Hats meetings different from traditional meetings?

Run Better Meetings

Traditional Meetings
Six Hats Meetings
Often start late and run over-time. Run on time and often end early.
Each “hat” has a time allocation, and the hat sequence is structured.
Wander off topic. Stay focused on topic.
Problem statements are clearly stated & understood from the start.
Ask participants to consume, process, and judge information, and generate ideas all at once. Look at the problem from every angle.
The hats force cynics to consider the positives, the optimists to find the pitfalls, and everyone to find alternatives.
Are often dominated by strong personalities. Encourage participation from everyone.
Switching hats breaks momentum of strong personalities,
so quieter people can speak up.
Often end without clear next steps or ownership.  Ensure clear next steps and ownership over outcomes.
The process encourages participation and next steps by design.
How It Works
An Overview of our Course

We offer a live, one-day training program for your team. As we taught our colleagues when in our corporate careers, we use highly interactive, hands-on training to build confidence and competence in using these tools.

During the class, we cover:

Since we've used these tools for years, we'll share real-life examples of how to use the Hats to improve:

Bring your own examples of projects and problems that may benefit from the Hats. Walk away with new ideas that you can implement the same day that you return to work.

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Download this Infographic about how a meeting with The Six Thinking Hats compares to a traditional meeting that you can share with others on your team.

How Do We Price Our Training?

The pricing for the standard program is fixed per-person, starting at $799. Our prices include all training materials. We bill travel separately in addition to these fees.

We can customize the program for you as well. Contact us for more details.

The Hats Helped Meet a Tight Deadline

"Under deadline to evaluate and prioritize over twenty potential strategies, we used the Hats to screen them all in a single-day working session. The Hats kept the process moving, people focused, and thinking sharp."

- Brian Lynch,
Senior Product Manager

Used Hats to evaluate marketing programs

"Presenting and getting client feedback on the marketing collateral concepts we develop is always tough. It's subjective, and everyone has his or her own point of view. We used the Hats with a client to get actionable feedback on some proposed ideas. We got to refined concepts and new approaches faster."

- Carmel Cerullo-Beiter,
J Fitzgerald Group

Why choose Matchstick to train you in The Six Thinking Hats? Why choose Matchstick to train you in The Six Thinking Hats?
  • We understand how it applies in business settings. Because we've used these tools for years in our corporate careers, we understand the kinds of problems they are best suited for and focus our training so it's most relevant to you.
  • Erika's a certified trainer: she has trained many businesspeople in these methods.
  • We know it works: We've created brand names, products, and programs using these tools.
  • We practice them every day: We use these techniques every day with our clients.
  • We don't deliver cookie-cutter training: When you train with us, you get enthusiastic, customized instruction. We show you how to use the tools that apply to your own situation.

When you come to us for training, it'll be practical and actionable - no abstract classroom talk.  We'll teach you to solve common business challenges, and share real life examples of how business people have used the Hats.