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Develop a Creative Hit List

Want to get more involved in developing your client’s
promotional strategy?

It would be great if your client relied more heavily on your team
when developing their promotional strategy.

After all, you have the creative expertise and see what new approaches other companies are taking all the time.

Unfortunately, they often hand you the result of their strategic thinking. How can you get involved earlier?

Invite Matchstick to run a Develop a Creative Hit List workshop with your client and your team

Offer our services when you know your client is working on promotional strategy. Our engaging workshop incorporates proven creative thinking techniques to get the new ideas flowing. We'll help you to generate lots creative ideas quickly. Then we strengthen, evaluate and prioritize them based on impact.

The best part is, your team gets to participate. You'll see the strategies in development first hand, providing you with the insight to start thinking about how you can help them achieve their goals.

We prepare participants in advance

Kindling™, our easily digestible pre-read, level sets the group prior to the workshop. Therefore, we spend less time on information sharing, and more time creating.

Let's begin with your target customers

Who are you selling to? Where will we find them? What are their hot buttons? We'll run an exercise to create customer personas, and spheres of influences. We'll also identify the behaviors that we want to influence. This will help guide the promotional strategy.

Next, let's generate ideas

Once we know whom we are targeting, and what we'd like them to do, we start to ideate. We will work your team through a series of rapid-fire, proven creativity techniques guaranteed to generate lots of really new ideas. We'll group them into themes, digest them, and then generate some more.

Strengthen ideas further

We'll organize ideas into groups – those that we really like, and those that are interesting, but pose challenges. We'll run a series of exercises to strengthen them. We'll make good ideas better. We'll mitigate challenges identified with interesting ideas. We'll even table ideas that just don't fit your organization right now.

Prioritize for focus

Finally, we'll work with you to prioritize the promotional ideas based on a set of criteria that you help to develop prior to the workshop. We'll facilitate the exercise to help rank and weight the ideas.

You and your client walk away with a promotional plan that's ready to implement. You'll all feel refreshed, and prepared to go to market with new vigor.

Why work with Matchstick? Why work with Matchstick?
  • We've used these techniques to generate new ideas. We teach and use these creativity techniques daily in our consulting engagements. They really work in generating a diverse set of novel concepts.
  • We've used these techniques during our corporate careers. People are delighted to participate in something other than a brainstorming session. It really gets corporate folks energized – and will make you look great for bringing us in!