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Build Better Value Propositions

Customers buy what is different (if they value it)

When your customers don’t understand what you bring to the table, they buy on price.
When your product or service delivers a difference that matters
to your customers, they buy on value.

Can your customers really distinguish between you and your competitor’s products? 
Are you communicating your differences as distinctly as you could? Do your messages resonate deeply with your customers?

We'll help you with value propositions that create preference, not parity.

Matchstick can help capture why customers are better off buying from you instead of your competition. We help you discover hidden differentiation. We look at your data in new ways. We capture customer insights from a different perspective.

We're passionate about good value propositions. They're fun for us because they delight customers and create enormous value for our clients. We bring the same passion whether we're working to ensure great positioning for a product launch, or working to discover and express hidden differentiation for longstanding product offerings. We want to help you position products for sustainable market leadership and premium price level.

Great value props are based on deep understanding of your product and customers

We spend time upfront understanding your product. We assess your competitors – what are they saying? We map the positioning of your competition. We speak directly to some of your customers and hear them tell us what makes you great in their own words.

We express what makes you unique

Matchstick crafts marketing messages that really get to the heart of what matters to your customers. We deliver messages you can use everywhere you communicate – in email, advertising, capabilities presentations, sales training, and collateral materials.

Need help turning those messages into marketing collateral? We can help with that, too. Our approach cuts through the daily messaging clutter. Your customers will look forward to receiving your materials, because they are interesting, informative and clever.

Matchstick illuminated our value

"We knew what made us special, but Matchstick was able to say it in a way that really communicates it in an instant. People who know us say, 'That captures you perfectly.' Clients who meet us know exactly how we can help them. We're more confident, and our customer response has been tremendous!"

- Rich Caizza,
Principal, Fulcrum LLC

Why Work with Matchstick?Why Work with Matchstick?
  • We've positioned and communicated unique value for leading device brands. We've launched market-shaping devices. We've successfully battled in markets with decreasing differentiation. Creating compelling value propositions is our power alley.
  • Our methods work for companies of all sizes. We've worked with startups and Fortune 50 firms.