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Create Polished Sales Presentations

Is your sales presentation attention grabbing or a yawn?

Healthcare providers are busy. They’re hit with change every day, from every side. 
But you need them to buy your product; to do that, they need to change. 
How well does your presentation capture and hold their attention?

Matchstick creates presentations that captivate and motivate

In order to get your customers to act, you need to move them emotionally. Your presentation must disturb, excite and assure.

Our experience has taught us the recipe for creating successful presentations. Pretty slides with relevant product information are not enough. Your presentation needs to contain the elements that move your customers to take action.

We help you present your product or service with a powerful story and highly polished slides that reflect the value that you bring to your customers. We provide the vehicle to engage your customers in a meaningful discussion, and open the door for you to introduce more detail about your offering.

First, we work with you to uncover the story

Information and facts are most compelling when integrated into a story that customers can connect with. We interview you and your team to uncover your story. This becomes the basis of the presentation; the path for you going to lead a customer down.

Then, we cast the story in terms that motivate customers

Most companies can explain in great detail why their offering is the best. That's great, but if your customer doesn't see a reason to change first, most will tune out to help manage the overload.

To move customers along the path to purchase, you need to answer three questions in order:

  1. Why should your customer listen to you and consider changing what they're doing now? (disturb)
  2. What are the possibilities and benefits for your customer if they change? (excite)
  3. Why is your offering the best one to fulfill the possibilities? (assure)

Fortunately, we've found that most companies have the answers to all three questions, and just need help drawing them out and structuring them into a story that hangs together. We can help you do just that.

Finally, we deliver a hand-crafted presentation designed to sell.

Once we develop your value story, we craft a beautiful PowerPoint presentation that communicates your message with style. We utilize engaging graphics that communicate clearly and succinctly. Your professional sales presentation will inspire confidence in your target audience.

Our presentation "wowed" them!

"We have a terrific product, but Matchstick helped us knock it out of the park. After we presented to one executive customer, he told us it was the best presentation of this type that he'd seen – and he sees a lot! Now we have the opportunity for the next meeting, where we can really show our value."

President, Medical Technology Startup

Why Marty & Erika are Qualified Why work with Matchstick?
  • We've created compelling sales presentations for large and small brands. Our presentations have provided customer entrée for top global brands and start-ups. Our presentations are memorable and stand out from others.