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Develop Engaging Sales Training

Does your sales training leave your reps energized or confused?

So much information in so little time! Your reps have a lot to learn to effectively sell your products.
Your training presentation is crammed full of critical information.

Yet so often, the reps leave sales training sessions overwhelmed, confused, and left to figure it out on their own. Will they know exactly what to do when they are back in their territories? Even if they remember a few key messages from your session, will that be sufficient to drive your business?

Let Matchstick create a sales training session that they'll remember

Frustrated with back-to-back rotations - we recall presenting as many as six 45 minute rotations in one day - we pioneered new approaches to make sales training more effective. Our goal: minimize PowerPoint in favor of experiences that bring life to the most critical points.

The results? Sales reps who embrace your product and know how to execute your strategies in the field.

Begin with the end in mind

Information is important, but insufficient for training purposes. What do you want the reps to do after they leave? We use proven techniques to help distill your objectives and frame them in terms of the behaviors that you want to see in the field.

We develop the training concept, custom built
for you

In contrast to off-the-shelf training programs, we'll create an approach designed to match your needs. Some examples of what we've done in the past include:

We incorporate creative use of media and other tools to enhance learning and retention.

Marty & Erika ran the best live training session that I've been a part of!

"The way they recreated a hospital pharmacy in a hotel ballroom was amazing. The entire approach was creative and engaging. The training was thorough, but use of media, immersion and real practitioners kept it completely digestible."

- Eric Kastango,
Member of USP <797> Expert Committee and CEO,
ClinicalIQ Consulting

Why work with Matchstick? Why work with Matchstick?
  • We've created experiential training before. Our sales training programs became our hallmark in our corporate careers. Now we do it for others.
  • We understand budgets. We didn’t have the budgets to create rock-concert style programs, so we got creative! We have a great network of partners that help us get execute innovative ideas without breaking the bank.