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Develop a Marketing Plan

Is your marketing plan a roadmap to success or a dust collector?

You invest enormous time and energy into creating your annual plans. You have to.
Yet so many marketers we know create detailed plans that sit on the shelf.

Why expend so much effort just to check the box? Take the opportunity to make your next plan an actionable roadmap to success.

A good plan helps make the case for incremental investment. It's a tool that helps the organization understand your tactics. It provides leaders with confidence you're headed in the right direction and that you will achieve expected business results.

Matchstick can help create a marketing plan built for action

We've seen many different planning frameworks. All of them focused too much on the templates and not enough on the doing. Filling in the frameworks was grueling and many times distracted from the hard work of actually building sales.

We're not invested in a set of proprietary templates – we're invested in helping you increase sales. Our action-based tools are simple, transparent, and help lay out a real plan you can execute. The core concepts are easy to communicate internally, so that you can build engagement and confidence in your plan.

Three ways to help you with your plan

How we can help you depends on what you already have and want to accomplish. Whether you want a sounding board to help tweak an already-good plan, or want a complete plan based on the information you have, we can help.

We help refine an existing plan

We help refine an existing plan

A fresh perspective delivers surprising insights. We can take your plan and run creative thinking workshops to come up with new ways of accomplishing your objectives. We can also pressure-test your existing plan to strengthen it in key areas. Or, we can take a great plan and polish it so it's easy to communicate to others in the organization.

We work together

We work together

Many clients already have existing plans and templates, but need to get the hard work done. We can help facilitate sessions where you participate. We keep the process moving efficiently to make the most of the time you have. We can help you organize your plan using tools that we bring to the meeting, or using your own company's templates.

We take the lead: fire & forget

We take the lead: fire & forget

We'll need engagement from you and your team along the way, but we'll do the heavy lifting. We take the lead on developing your plan start to finish, and deliver a completed plan.

We help you communicate your plan to the organization

Whether we're strengthening your existing plan or creating a new one, we deliver a succinct, compelling presentation to help you communicate it to others in your organization. Our experience has taught us that when marketing plans look buttoned up and are easy to understand, they inspire confidence.

Marty's marketing plan was voted best-practice across the company, hands down!

"Marty was able to come in and look at existing markets in new ways. He framed thoughtful analysis, communicated clearly and succinctly, made the case for over two million dollars in incremental investment, and raised the organization's confidence in his recommendations."

- Ryan Tuttle,
Director of Marketing, Fortune 500 Company

Why Marty & Erika are Qualified Why work with Matchstick?
  • First, we're successful practitioners of marketing. We were product managers for many years, and know what good, actionable plans look like.
  • We've participated in and led many marketing plan reviews. As senior marketers, we peer-reviewed many different plans. We know how to assess marketing plans and provide actionable feedback.
  • We've written many marketing plans for medical technology companies. Through exposure to different planning processes, we've created our own simple take of what works best. Our clients are pleased with the ability to execute our plans, and the succinct way that we communicate them.
  • We're recognized leaders in marketing planning. Marty's last marketing plan in corporate was used as a company-wide example of best practice. Erika was selected to become a certified trainer in her business's planning process.