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MedTech BoosterShot™

Sharpen your marketing skills in a few minutes twice a week.

We’ve taken the insights that made us successful in med tech marketing
and deliver them to your inbox each week for a year.
No travel, no generic programs, no big expense.

Looking for real med tech development opportunities?

Med Tech marketers we speak to are frustrated with the lack of specific training opportunities. Generic courses won't teach you how to succeed - our training programs are designed to help build your skills specifically in the medical technology space.

Build medical marketing skill each week for a year with BoosterShot™

You'll receive two emails from us each week.

Each takes about 10 minutes to read. You pick the two days, based on your own schedule, so you can be focused on what we send.

  • Your first email of the week introduces a new idea and helps you understand how it applies to med tech marketing.   
  • Your second email of the week helps you put the idea to work.  You get a tool that you can start using right away.

Over 52 weeks, build your skills...and your toolbox

The best part of BoosterShot is the number of topics we cover - from forecasting, to working with ad agencies and market research firms, to making the most out of your marketing dollars.  

Because we have a full year - not a few hours, like in an in-person class - we can cover a lot of material and topics, but still keep it digestible.  At the end, you have a large toolbox you can go back to again and again.

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Delight your direct reports

Our course offers a great option for your marketers' development. Your employees will appreciate this flexible training with content specific to their work. Check the "I manage marketers" box and we'll let you know about options that can help you use our program with your team.

"Investing in your marketers could be your fastest path to a competitive brand. Current economic conditions require your marketers to play a key role in driving your business, and it's up to you to make sure they are prepared for the task."

- Marketing Leadership Council,
in a survey of 65,000 marketers.


Why work with Matchstick?  “This class is like shadowing a senior marketer for a year.”
- Med Tech Product Manager

In our corporate careers, we would routinely sit with marketers and do peer reviews, give advice, or help talk through a challenging situation.

After we each left our corporate jobs, we still found ourselves getting calls and giving much of the same advice.  Our clients told us over and over how they wished there was some "real" development opportunities for med tech marketing excellence.

In a weekend car ride, we put together the agenda for this class. Over the next year, we started writing each week’s notes.