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Medical Marketing Masterclass

Build your team’s Med Tech marketing skills with
this customized training course

Our live training workshops are custom built
to enhance marketing team skills in an engaging way.

Many Med Tech marketers we speak to are frustrated with the lack of specific training opportunities.

Marketing training for healthcare tends to focus on pharmaceutical marketing. Generic marketing programs don’t address the specific challenges Med Tech marketers face.

Therefore, we created our Medical Marketing MasterClass. It's the ultimate program to build your skills for success in the medical technology industry.

No two Matchstick MasterClasses are ever alike.

Our course is not canned and pre-packaged. We take the time to understand your team and your biggest challenges in advance. Then we custom-build our live workshop to enhance the skills that your team needs the most.

The result is immersive training that is laser-focused to address your immediate needs, whether it's developing or launching a new product, creating brand differentiation, or building technical skills.

For example, in a recent workshop on Developing Marketing Claims, we used our client's competitors' brochures in the group activities. The group got to apply new concepts and have an immediate impact on their business.

Impactful development, immersive learning

You'll experience a fun, engaging environment that really gets you and your team thinking in new ways. We use a mix of presentation, discussions, and group exercises. You'll have the opportunity to share your own challenges and begin to work them through as a group. We avoid an academic approach and focus on successes and pitfalls. You receive the insights, information, and tools to implement the concepts right away.

Chose a one day class of our most popular topics

We most commonly offer a live, one-day training program that consists of four 90-minute modules. Shorter or longer versions are also available based on specific needs. Our trainers will come to your facility to conduct your customized training session. Select from modules in popular areas, or craft a course to meet your specific needs. Here are some recommended arrangements:

Recommended Module Arrangements

Develop new products

  • Marketing Research for product development
  • Running a marketing research project
  • Developing marketing claims through clinical trials
  • Translating customer requirements into product requirements

Launch new products

  • Marketing Research for product launch
  • Product positioning and branding for value
  • Managing the creative development process
  • Working with the sales organization

Differentiate your brand

  • Marketing Research for Brand Power
  • Integrating market intelligence into strategy
  • Product positioning and branding for value
  • Measuring & communicating marketing impact

Improve your technical skills

  • Marketing Research and the product lifecycle
  • Developing marketing claims through clinical trials
  • Translating customer requirements into product requirements
  • Working with technical team members

Build classical marketing skills

  • Marketing research and the product lifecycle
  • Product positioning and branding for value
  • Managing the creative development process
  • Measuring & communicating marketing impact

Or, create your own custom class

Here is a list of all the training modules that you can select from, to build your customized course.

Marketing Research & the Product Lifecycle

Understand the difference between qualitative and quantitative research, and when to use each methodology.
  • Understand each research methodology
  • Understand the basics about some poplular approaches to each (conjoint analysis, focus groups)
  • Learn to match the methodology to the objective
  • Identify best practices for partner selection

Marketing Research for Product Development

Learn to conduct market research specifically for developing medical devices.
  • Understand Voice of the Customer as a way to explore the needs of your real stakeholders
  • Learn methods to identify use and perception across procedures and products
  • Learn to prioritize features through product concept testing
  • Understand the role of choice modeling to optimize your product design and price

Marketing Research for Product Launch

Learn to use marketing research to develop an impactful product launch and to measure campaign success.
  • Learn customer segmentation and profiling
  • Develop an effective product positioning
  • Select messages and images for impact
  • Evaluate the success of your campaign

Marketing Research for Brand Power

Learn how to use marketing research to distinguish your unique selling proposition and measure your brand impact.
  • Measure and track your brand
  • Discover differentiation using various methods (unmet needs, correspondence mapping, perceptual mapping, purchasing drivers)
  • Track progress and trend customer interactions

Run a Marketing Research Project

Learn how to structure a project and coordinate internal and external teams for a successful outcome.
  • Develop clear and actionable research objectives
  • Write an effective research brief
  • Understand your role in selecting methodologies and developing the survey
  • Learn techniques for setting expectations and communicating results with internal teams

Integrating Marketing Intelligence into Strategy

Learn how to integrate market intelligence into marketing strategy, and develop actionable insights through data.
  • Select the right approach based on your objectives
  • Benchmark for success
  • Create actionable insights from data
  • Communicate effectively to leadership

Product Positioning & Branding for Value

Learn how to develop strong product positioning and branding to increase and maintain the market value of your product offering.
  • Identify customer pain points
  • Assess competitive positioning
  • Develop market positioning
  • Create strong value propositions
  • Develop your integrated Brand Promise

Managing the Creative Development Process

Lear to get the results that you need from the creative process with some simple best practices to maximize effectiveness and ROI.
  • Create clear and actionable creative objectives
  • Write effective Creative Briefs
  • Understand the roles of the players in the creative process
  • Develop a roadmap to select and work with creative vendors

Measuring and Communicating Marketing Impact

Learn how to set metrics and measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
  • Learn techniques for measuring ROI
  • Discover other ways to measure campaign success
  • Build leading metrics
  • Identify best practices for setting expectations and obtaining buy-in

Translating Customer Requirements into Product Requirements

Learn how to identify and prioritize customer requirements and work with R&D to translate them into product requirements.
  • Identify & prioritize customer requirements through market research
  • Work with R&D to translate customer needs into product requirements
  • Utilize best-practice tools for setting parameters of acceptable performance
  • Provide feedback through the product development process

Developing Claims Through Clinical Trials

Understand why strong claims are important and learn how to develop them for solid product messaging.
  • Understand the need for strong claims
  • Identify the desired claims for product launch
  • Ensure trials are designed to capture marketing claims support
  • Identify potential partners in the claims development process
  • Learn contingencies when desired claims cannot be supported

Working Effectively with Technical Team Members

Understand the roles & needs of technical team members on a cross-functional team and bridge the communications gap to build marketing credibility.
  • Understand the responsibilities of the technical members on your cross-functional teams
  • Learn what technical team members understand about marketing
  • Clarify what technical team members need from marketing
  • Discover ways to increase marketing credibility with technical teams

Working with the Sales Organization

Learn how to develop strong relationships with your field sales organization to improve focus and effectiveness with your product.
  • Understand the role of the sales representative
  • Envision a day-in-the-life
  • Understand sales motivators
  • Discover what sales needs from marketing to be successful

Marketing on a Budget: Doing More with Less

Learn to integrate marketing activities and manage resources to get high impact results with a limited budget.
  • Understand the role of a good MarComm manager
  • Explore the value of Big Agency vs. Small Agency
  • Learn to integrate activities to create the “flywheel effect”
  • Compare the value of Inventing vs. Repurposing

How Do We Price Our Training?

The pricing for the one-day, customized program is fixed per-person, starting at $1500. We do offer variations, based on your needs, as well as volume-based discounts. Our prices include all training materials, tools and templates. We bill travel separately in addition to these fees.