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Accelerate Product Adoption

Healthcare needs innovation

Medical technology is all about innovation. You’ve made investments
in new features, improved patient care, increased efficiency and better outcomes. 
But product adoption can take time. How can you accelerate the uptake of your innovation?

Many New Innovations Face Barriers to Adoption

Your innovation brings new value to your customers and their patients. Yet every new introduction requires some level of change for your customer, and change slows the adoption process. The more change your innovation requires, the more you need to plan.

Fortunately, there's a lot to learn from other companies. The best firms manage the changes customers face by anticipating them and planning to minimize their impact.

We can help you do the same, whether you're getting ready to launch or looking to improve sales of an existing product.

Find Creative Ways To Overcome Barriers With Our Workshop

First, we'll help you pinpoint exactly where your innovation will find challenges in user adoption - and why – using time tested consumer behavioral frameworks.

Then, using the same techniques we teach in our creativity classes, we'll help generate ideas to reduce friction and accelerate adoption.

You leave the workshop with a set of strategies to help speed uptake.

How does it work?

Where we start depends on the amount of customer research, and insight you already have. Typically, we:

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Focus: Graphic Recording

We use Graphic Recording in our workshops as a creative way to enhance engagement and improve retention. This process is helpful with:

  • Meetings where you want to make a big impression
  • Diverse groups and cross-functional teams
  • Complicated issues with many factors to consider
  • Global teams low in native English proficiency
  • Remote meetings (web, phone, video)

We partner with ImageThink™ to create a visual record of the meeting in real-time. Their process of organizing dialogue into instant graphics is amazing to watch, and keeps participants interested and engaged in the conversation.

Why work with Matchstick?Why work with Matchstick?
  • We've launched many med tech products and learned from their adoption rates. We've experienced the frustration of slow uptake and the exhilaration of rapid adoption first hand. You benefit from our direct insights.
  • We teach the topic. Our methodology has a basis in the landmark HBR article, Why Consumers Don't Buy. We teach this content as part of our course at the university level.
  • Our proven creative thinking process works. We teach and use the de Bono Lateral Thinking methods that we apply in this workshop to generate your strategies. They are go-to tools that help us and our clients find really new ideas.
  • We deliver strategies in format that you can run with. Results are packaged so you can communicate your strategies easily to your organization. You spend your time implementing, not building a concise story or slide deck.