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Launch an Initiative

Corporate initiatives give life to opportunities

Big initiatives generate lots of excitement – and challenges. Companies expect big results.
Everyone is watching. When you’re launching a high stakes, high visibility initiative, turn to us.

We help you create momentum at the first meeting

A successful kick-off meeting can get your project rolling, with everyone marching in the right direction. A launch that misses the mark can cause your program to limp along. Without team engagement, your initiative may never live up to expectations.

Invite Matchstick to help launch your initiative with an engaging meeting. We'll help your team gel, get everyone on the same page, and create a sense of excitement that everyone in your organization can see.

We prepare participants and set objectives so the team gels and makes quick progress

Kindling™, our easily digestible pre-read, leaves more time for working together and reduces time wasted "level setting" existing information.

We then launch the meeting with a goal setting exercise. Our experience shows that when we engage teams to set their own goals, their ownership and motivation increases.

We use Creative Thinking tools to name the initiative and quickly develop an action plan

A great name makes the initiative real for the organization. It provides the team with a sense of identification. It creates a point that others can rally around. Our process is highly engaging, and increases the feeling of being a part of something important.

We then use a series of techniques and small group activities to build team rapport and develop a shared action plan. With our facilitation techniques, the meeting moves quickly and gets results.

We create the elevator speech and deliver ready-to-present results

Once you leave the kick-off, you want the word about your initiative to spread like wildfire through your organization. We work with you to develop the elevator speech that everyone can take back, creating a consistent and compelling message.

At the conclusion of our engagement, you get a PowerPoint deck designed to communicate the initiative internally throughout your organization. It's great for both executive updates and town hall sessions.

Naming the initiative gave it life

"The process Erika used to name our initiative was great! We came up with some really good ideas. I was pleased that the team selected my idea – it has really taken off throughout the global organization. Everyone knows who we are!"

- Karen Sohn,
R&D Manager, Fortune 500 Company

Why work with Matchstick?Why work with Matchstick?
  • We've launched and led initiatives for large med tech firms. We've launched successful internal campaigns, as well as external campaigns with large market implications.
  • Our methods work for companies of all sizes. We've worked with startups and Fortune 50 firms.
  • We understand the power of internal promotion. Perception is reality. Our process not only ensures that your team has a strong plan of action, but we provide you with the compelling messages that will create excitement within your organization.