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Make a Tough Decision

When you’re faced with a tough decision, it’s hard to know where to go

Sometimes it helps to bring someone from the outside in to make progress.
Someone without baggage or direct stake in the outcome. 
Someone skilled in facilitating meetings with high stakes and high visibility.

Matchstick can help you move forward

We have experience in facilitating decision-making meetings. We use techniques proven to reduce emotions and focus on solving the problem. Our techniques help think about issues in new ways. Our experience shows us that with the right approach, even the most contentious issues can be resolved.

We help you frame the problem clearly
and prepare participants

Effectively framing the issues is the key to problem solving. We help clarify focus, identify what information you already have, and find the knowledge gaps that matter.

Kindling™, our easily digestible pre-read, provides participants with the information they need to contribute effectively from the start of the meeting. This reduces time wasted "level setting" existing information.

Your meeting will focus on your objectives,
and avoid tangents

We work with you to structure a time-bound meeting agenda. Then, during the session, we use the Six Thinking Hats process to keep the meeting moving and ensure issues are considered from all angles. Using these tools helps manage politics, agendas, and strong personalities that can sidetrack the discussion and hamper progress. (These are the same tools we use to teach people how to Run Better Meetings.)

We deliver your output ready-to-present

Before we leave the room, we make sure that we uncover any unspoken disagreement or concerns. People feel good about the decision being made.

We recognize that you can generate the best ideas, and still not get the internal buy-in you need to move forward. To set you up for success, Matchstick provides you with a high-impact presentation and "elevator speech" that will present the recommendations from your meeting convincingly, and make you look great!

Why work with Matchstick?Why work with Matchstick?
  • We've used these techniques to bring closure to business issues. Because we've used these tools for years in our corporate careers, we understand how to apply them to help you bring closure to your needed decision.
  • We practice them every day. We use these techniques every day with our clients.