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Name a Product or Service

The right name helps get your product or service cut through the clutter.

While huge consumer packaged goods companies spend millions on naming
a new product, medical technology firms usually have to be more “resourceful.”

Just because you have limited resources doesn’t mean you have to resort to free websites or Google searches for inspiration.  We can help develop a creative name to set your product or service apart, for much less than a big-name branding agency.

Don't go it alone. Our workshops help you uncover more, creative ideas to chose from.

Our fun, engaging workshops get people thinking differently. We prepare your team ahead of time with pre-reading and a structured agenda. During the meeting, we use proven creative thinking techniques to generate large numbers of raw ideas in a group session.

Then, we explore those ideas and refine them

With a large list of raw ideas in hand, we work with you to understand why they appeal to you and your customers. From that, we can help generate even more new ideas that capture that same appeal.

You end up with a distilled list of great naming candidates to test

We give you a PowerPoint deck to help communicate internally, and a meeting output neatly summarized with an action plan. Your candidate names are ready to submit for further market research or trademark clearance.

The Hats Helped Name Our Business

"We know we had great credentials, but needed a name that would speak to our clients. Our new name – Fulrcum – exactly captures the leverage we bring. It's strong and unique. Our clients get it immediately, and the response has been incredible. Matchstick was worth every penny."

- Rich Caizza,
Principal, Fulcrum PDC

Why work with Matchstick?Why work with Matchstick?
  • We've created brand names for med tech firms of all sizes. We've named a variety of products and services – and even companies – using our process.
  • Our methods work for companies of all sizes. We've worked with startups and Fortune 50 firms.
  • We do it for less than a big-name branding agency. We facilitate the process using your own team. You don't spend time or money educating another firm about your product.
  • We understand the power of a great name. We've worked for some of the strongest brands in the industry.
  • We understand the factors involved with naming things in medical technology space. We understand global markets, different clinical audiences, regulatory and safety requirements, and other factors unique to med tech.