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Outmatch Competitors

Do you worry that competitive strategy isn't making it to the top of your list?

Sometimes, companies are moving so fast, that they make marketing decisions
without thoroughly considering the competitive response.  Our competitive workshop
gives you the time and the process to think through stronger responses.

You know you need to spend more time thinking about competitive dynamics, but it’s not an easy activity to do by yourself. Other times, your organization is so focused on what they are doing that they may miss competitive threats until they can't be ignored.

Take a walk in your competitor's shoes

Invite Matchstick to run an Outmatch Competitors workshop, and strengthen your strategies. This is our version of War Games. Our engaging workshop incorporates proven creative thinking techniques to get the new ideas flowing. Your team benefits from the resulting "aha" from delving into the competitor's mindset. Your focus becomes sharper, and more sensitive to promoting differences that matter to your customers.

We prepare participants in advance with analysis of competitive positioning

Kindling™, our easily digestible pre-read, gets participants ready to play their roles as representatives of your organization, or the competitor's, upon arrival.

What is the competition saying and doing? Who do they target? What recent market moves have they made? What are you doing and saying in response now? What are their potential actions that keep you up at night?

Play a game of strategy

We often select one to three of your key accounts as the basis for this activity. We place your group into teams – some representing your business, the others representing the competition. Then, given the account scenario, you are asked to create your strategies for success.

You present and compare the strategies. Then we go to work. Where are the redundancies? Where are you stronger? Where is the competition stronger? What can you say that's truly different and meaningful? This insight becomes the basis for strategy development.

Learn from the game and create stronger strategies

Once we've identified where you need to focus, it's time to develop new strategies. We use proven creative thinking techniques to hone in on the messages and activities that provide you with the most leverage. For each strategy, we consider "what would the competitor do?" We rank the risk, and develop ideas to minimize it.

Leave with a solid action plan

You walk away with a plan that's ready to implement. You have the peace-of-mind that comes from thoroughly considering different scenarios. You'll feel refreshed, and prepared to go to market with new confidence and energy.

We deliver results that are ready-to-present

We recognize that you can generate the best ideas, and still not get the internal buy-in you need to move forward. To set you up for success, Matchstick provides you with a high-impact presentation and "elevator speech" that will present the recommendations from your meeting convincingly, and make you look great!

Why Marty & Erika are Qualified Why work with Matchstick?
  • We've used these techniques to combat tough competitors. We were able to maintain premium pricing in an increasingly commoditized market through laser-sharp marketing and messaging. These techniques were integral to our success.