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Develop a Brand

Does your brand set the right expectation with your customers?

Your brand lets your customers know what to expect when they do business
with you.  Are you effectively sending the right message? Does your brand image
inspire confidence in your offering? Does it resonate with your target audience?

Matchstick creates branding that sings

We work with you to develop or refresh your brand so that every aspect of your image inspires confidence and sets your business apart. Branding elements work together to reinforce your key messages with your target customers. You look professional and polished. Your customers understand why your business can meet their needs better than others. We can deliver a full branding package, or enhance what you already have.

Create your Company name

What's in a name? A lot when it comes to distinguishing your company in a memorable way. We will run a workshop with you to create your company name, using proven creative thinking techniques.

Craft your Logo and Image

We can develop a stylish, professional logo and brand identity for you. You'll present your company consistently and with polish, signaling the value of your offering.

Identify your unique value

Customers buy from you when they understand what you do differently – and uniquely better – than your competition. We'll create your key value propositions that distinguish your business in your customers' minds. Then we create your compelling story that connects memorably with those who you hope to serve.

Develop impactful marketing materials

We can take your brand image and value propositions to develop marketing materials that help you spread the word. Based on you target audience, we can develop a variety of high impact print and digital tools. Matchstick's principals are known for our creative communication efforts. We can develop your unique materials in a way that gets you noticed.

Clarify your personal brand

People buy you! In small companies, the principal often is the brand. On the internet, people want to know who you are – and that image should reinforce your company brand. Matchstick will ensure that your online bio and photo are consistent and supportive of your company message.

Matchstick helps you develop a complete brand

Why work with Matchstick? Why work with Matchstick?
  • We've created successful brands for large and small firms. The small businesses that we've worked with all say that their branding has enabled them to be more successful.
  • We have the know-how to get it done cost effectively. Because we're experienced in managing the creative process and working with agencies, we know how to provide creative direction that delivers great results, without multiple re-work which can really drive up the cost.
  • Our corporate connections mean that you get the best for less. We’ve developed a network of skilled partners that we've worked with for years. Because they know us and how we work, we get a better "professional" rate than you would if you approached them directly. We know and trust that the agencies we work with produce high quality results.