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Develop a Marketing Roadmap

Is your business heading for success, or facing a fork in the road?

So many opportunities, so little time! How do you know you are spending
your precious resources wisely? It’s easy to get caught up in all
the things that you can do to grow your small business.

But how can you separate out the activities that are really valuable from the ones that are just a distraction? You need a roadmap to plot the straightest route to success.

Let Matchstick help guide you

We can create your Marketing Roadmap to help you focus your energy on activities that will deliver the highest return. When your path forward is clear, you can keep your eye on your business growth.

We'll help you set clear business direction

Matchstick will work with you to clarify your business goals and articulate them simply. These will help us prioritize the activities on your Marketing Roadmap.

Target the right customers

Knowing your customer targets drives everything from your value propositions to the media you choose to communicate through. We'll help you develop vivid profiles of your ideal customers to guide your marketing efforts.

Establish Your Unique Value

Customers buy from you when they understand what you do differently – and uniquely better – than your competition. We'll create your compelling story that communicates your value to your target customers.

Develop Specific Marketing Activities

Every marketing activity you invest in should reach your target customer with a resonant message, and bring you closer to achieving your business goals. Matchstick creates your marketing roadmap to ensure your tactics are aligned. We provide sufficiently detailed descriptions for each activity so that anyone with marketing skill can understand and execute the plan.

Execute your Roadmap (Optional)

We recognize that you may not want to execute your Roadmap on your own. Matchstick is happy to execute the recommended marketing programs for you, or we can recommend others who can help.

Why work with Matchstick?Why work with Matchstick?
  • First, we're successful practitioners of marketing. We were product managers for many years, and know what good, actionable plans look like.
  • We've written many marketing plans for medical technology companies. Through exposure to different planning processes, we've created our own simple take of what works best. Our clients are pleased with the ability to execute our plans, and the succinct way that we communicate them.
  • We've helped small business develop actionable marketing roadmaps that created a clear path toward growth.
  • We're recognized leaders in marketing planning. Marty's last marketing plan in corporate was used as a company-wide example of best practice. Erika was selected to become a certified trainer in her business’s planning process.