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ebook: Get Eaten by a Bigger Fish™

Have a great idea that you want to sell to a Big Company?

There is a lot to consider when preparing a new med tech product or concept for sale
to a large company.  It’s easy to get distracted from the few things that you need
to do really well to get noticed or focus energy on things that don’t matter.

Through experience, we've separated out the critical success factors from the noise.

  • Have you carefully identified your targets?
  • Do you have a strategy to reach them?
  • Are your value propositions designed to resonate with your customers and stand out from all others in your field?
  • Does your sales presentation present your idea in a way consistent with the dollars you are hoping to charge?

Or, is your presentation and story one that positions you as a small time player who doesn't really understand the needs of your audience?

Rise above the average inventors

In our corporate careers, we sat on the receiving side of presentations by inventors and small companies. It's surprising how these presentations often came across. Over-confident. Glossed-over risks. Under-estimated market complexity. The slides would be more appropriate in a technical presentation appendix, not a pitch. These presentations, more often than not, appeared naïve and unimpressive.

Ebook: Get Eaten by a Bigger Fish™ helps take the mystery out of presenting your idea to a larger company for sale

To get both an engineering and marketing perspective for this ebook, we've solicited input from Fulcrum, a medical technology design and development firm. Our relationship with the principals there spans years. We worked in corporate together on discovering, developing and commercializing market leading medical devices. We've collectively evaluated hundreds of technologies and seen many more sales pitches.

Our combined guidance will help you ensure that you make a winning impression.

We turn insight into action

We share some practical tips to help ensure your sales strategy and presentation get you in the door and help you move to the next step. Then it's up to your technology to pass the test!

Some guidance you can expect from the book include:

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