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ebook: Innovation on a Shoestring

Small Med Tech companies must innovate to survive

Small companies have often built their business on one great idea.  What’s the recipe
to successfully add to that idea and create more unique innovations?  Small med tech firms
need to be faster and more effective than their peers and larger companies to get ahead.

Small companies rely on themselves for inspiration

Sure, there are experts who offer processes for innovation. They are usually way too expensive for small med tech firms. Even firms that focus on the med tech industry, who are accustomed to tight budgets, may be out of reach.

Usually, inventors in small firms have deep subject matter expertise. The process for generating new ideas comes through some form of brainstorming. This approach may yield success, but it's often random and unpredictable.

There must be a better way for small businesses to be more systematic in how they approach innovation.

Ebook: Innovation on a Shoestring™ offers alternatives to brainstorming

We're former med tech marketers, and we've been there. We had to develop innovative new products and ideas with shoestring budgets. Through resourcefulness, and lots of research, we discovered techniques that we could learn to become more creative and drive innovation. And we were successful!

One big "aha" for us is that companies don't necessarily need to seek external resources to help them innovate. Their employees, with deep knowledge of their customers and business, often have the raw fuel for innovation. They just need a process to effectively turn that knowledge into ideas.

In this ebook, we share some of the approaches that worked for us. We focus on how getting trained in some useful creative thinking tools placed the ability to innovate in our hands. We give very specific examples of how we used these tools, with whom and what the results were.

Insight to action

We share the de Bono thinking tools that helped us raise the bar on innovation. We also share other techniques and resources that we've become familiar with along the way. We offer a practical approach to doubling the number of ideas that you generate in your next meeting.

We also share a number of case examples that show how to put the ideas into practice. We think you'll agree that the results are pretty cool. The book will likely spark all kinds of ideas for how your company can step up to the innovation challenge without crazy investment.

Let me know when Innovation on a Shoestring is available!