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Small Med Tech business owners are marketers, too!

In addition to running your business, you are responsible for marketing
your product or service. Do you ever wish you had the time to brush up
on the latest tools and techniques for effective marketing?

This e-mail training program is your chance to do it… painlessly!

Sharpen your marketing skills in a few minutes twice a week.

We've taken the insights that made us successful in med tech marketing and deliver them to your inbox each week for a year. No travel, no generic programs, no big expense. Just practical, ready-to-use tools.

Build medical marketing skill each week for a year.

You'll receive two emails from us each week. Each takes about 10 minutes to read. You pick the two days, based on your own schedule, so you can be focused on what we send.

In the beginning of the week,
you learn a new idea...

The first email of the week introduces a new idea and gives you our twist on it. Every few weeks, we’ll focus on a different theme:

  • Thinking like a medical marketer
  • Developing claims and getting them approved
  • Discovering ideas for new products, programs, and services
  • Communicating customer needs so that engineers get it
  • Working with market research & creative services teams
  • Managing your business better
  • Presenting so your ideas get action

…then, you get tools to use what
you’ve learned.

In the second email of the week, we send you a tool, on the same theme, that helps you put the idea to work. In any week, you could get:

  • A diagnostic tool to run on a current marketing program
  • A “how to” exercise to double the number of ideas from your next ideation session
  • Recommended books from modern marketing gurus, to provide a deeper-dive on the idea of the week
  • Videos or e-books from subject-matter experts with additional points of view
  • Links to blogs, articles, etc. that support the core idea
  • Templates or other case studies to help you structure your approach
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Manage marketers? Delight your direct reports.

Our course offers a great option for your marketers' development. Your employees will appreciate this flexible training with content specific to their work. Check the "I manage marketers" box and we'll let you know about options that can help you use our program with your team.

Why Marty & Erika are Qualified Why work with Matchstick?

“This class is like shadowing a senior marketer for a year.”

- Med Tech Product Manager

In our corporate careers, Erika and I would routinely sit with marketers and do peer reviews, give advice, or help talk through a challenging situation. After we each left our corporate jobs we still found ourselves getting calls and giving much of the same advice.

In a weekend car ride, we put together the agenda for this class. Over the next year, we started writing each week’s notes.