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Med Device Inventor's Toolkit

Med Tech Inventors, help is on the way

The path to bringing a new medical technology to market is fraught with pitfalls. 
You have a great idea, and maybe even models or prototypes. 
How can you ensure success without investing unnecessary time and money?

Matchstick has distilled the lessons learned (by us and others) from bringing successful devices to market

For this program, we've expanded our own med tech marketing and product development expertise by tapping into some of the most successful medical device inventors, designers and manufacturers. Our goal is to bring you useful, actionable tips to help you get to market faster, without the pitfalls.

We have almost 30 years of experience working in global medical technology leaders, and have worked with inventors for years. We can see things from both the inventors' and the big company perspectives.

We're inventors ourselves. We understand the excitement of the new idea, the promise of improved outcomes and better patient care, and the challenges in getting people to adopt new technology.

The Med Tech Inventor's Toolkit is designed just for you

Our e-book series brings you the insight you need, when you need it, at the right level of detail. Forget academic learning and marketing theory – this is hands-on, practical "how-to" knowledge. Through case studies and specific real-life examples, we demonstrate the concepts you'll need to be successful with your idea. You can learn and apply the lessons right away.

Our first ebook in the series: How to Accelerate Adoption of Your Idea

Do you ever wonder why so many great innovations face barriers to adoption? Your innovation brings new value to your customers and their patients. Yet every new introduction requires some level of change. Change slows the adoption process. The more change your innovation requires, the more you need to plan.

The most successful firms manage the changes customers face. They anticipate them and plan to minimize the impact.

Knowledgeable, Creative Inventors: Meet Your Average Joe

Many inventors we know draw their inspiration from their deep subject matter expertise. By the time they get to market, they have immersed themselves in their customer's environment for years.

However, their deep knowledge has a downside. "Ordinary users," the target market, often don't immediately perceive the benefits of the new technology. Or they don't fully understand them.

The expert inventor knows his device could change their world. Yet, the customers who would benefit the most remain reluctant to adopt.

Practical tools that help you be successful now

We share some practical tips to help ensure you anticipate the barriers to adoption early and overcome concerns to speed uptake. These tips work if you are going directly to market, and are even more helpful if you are looking to sell your idea to a larger company.

Some guidance you can expect from the book include:

  • Fitting into the clinical process – a refresh on process mapping to reveal true impact
  • Understanding the four dimensions impacting new product adoption
  • Assessing your technology versus these dimensions – are you heading for a Home Run or a Long Haul?
  • Understanding the financial realities – how big companies and health care providers will assess your value
  • Looking realistically at your options – where can you grease the skids? Understanding how large companies assess risk, and the impact on how they'll perceive your product
  • Building credibility through strategies for positioning your idea in the best light – while recognizing any underlying risks
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Why Marty & Erika are Qualified You'll benefit from our Point of View on product adoption.

Over the years, we've developed a Point of View around new product adoption. We've launched many med tech products and experienced both the frustration of slow uptake as well as the exhilaration of rapid adoption first hand. You benefit from our direct insights.

We have a great background to help you. Erika is a classically trained marketer; Marty is an engineer turned marketer. Both Erika and Marty are inventors themselves with numerous patents, and have brought innovations to markets successfully.

We teach this topic. Our methodology has a basis in the landmark HBR article from John Gourville, Why Consumers Don't Buy. We teach this content as part of business courses at the university level.