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Accelerate Adoption

Why do so many great innovations face barriers to adoption?

Your innovation brings new value to your customers and their patients. Yet every
new introduction requires some level of change. Change slows the adoption process. 
The more change your innovation requires, the more you need to plan.

The most successful firms manage the changes customers face. They anticipate them and plan to minimize the impact.

We can help you do the same with our Accelerate Adoption workshop. Try us whether you're getting ready to launch a new device or looking to improve sales of an existing product.

Knowledgeable, Creative Inventors:
Meet Your Average Joe

Many inventors we know draw their inspiration from their deep subject matter expertise. By the time they get to market, they have immersed themselves in their customer's environment for years.

However, their deep knowledge has a downside. "Ordinary users," the target market, often don't immediately perceive the benefits of the new technology. Or they don't fully understand them.

The expert inventor knows his device could change their world. Yet, the customers who would benefit the most remain reluctant to adopt.

Matchstick can help you accelerate adoption

We can help you look at your product or concept and honestly consider how customers may react. Then, we'll help you plan to overcome their concerns to speed adoption.

What if your target customer is a larger company?

Our workshop is particularly valuable if you're looking to sell your idea to a larger company. Big companies know the risks of innovation – and see inventors every day who gloss over those risks when they present. Having honestly considered the issues from a big company perspective in advance increases your credibility and chance of success.

What to expect

First, we'll help you pinpoint exactly where your innovation will find challenges in user adoption - and why – using time tested consumer behavioral frameworks.

Then, using the same techniques we teach in our creativity classes, we'll help generate ideas to reduce friction and accelerate adoption. Through this process, we can also help you hone your value propositions so that they resonate with big companies and customers to help you make the strongest possible presentation for your invention.

You leave the workshop with a set of strategies to help speed uptake.

How does it work?

Where we start depends on the amount of customer research and insight you already have. Typically, we:

“Firms in the business of developing innovative new products must understand the biases consumers bring to their decision making. They must understand the changes their products require of consumers.”

- John Gourville,
Why Consumers Don’t Buy, HBR Case Note

Why work with Matchstick?Why work with Matchstick?
  • We've been on the receiving end of inventor presentation to large companies. As former marketers in a leading global med tech firm, we know what big companies are looking for. We've also participated in the discussions that occur after the inventor leaves the room.
  • We've developed sales presentations for small companies. One of our clients told us that every big company they presented to said it was the best inventor sales presentation that they’d seen.
  • We've launched many med tech products and learned from their adoption rates. We've experienced the frustration of slow uptake and the exhilaration of rapid adoption first hand. You benefit from our direct insights.
  • We have a great background to help you. Erika is a classically trained marketer; Marty is an engineer turned marketer. Both Erika and Marty are inventors themselves with numerous patents, and have brought innovations to markets successfully.
  • We teach the topic. Our methodology has a basis in the landmark HBR article, Why Consumers Don’t Buy. We teach this content as part of our course at the university level.