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Focus for Impact

Is your business heading for success, or facing a fork in the road?

So many opportunities, so little time! How do you know you are spending your precious resources wisely?
It’s easy to get caught up in all the things that you can do to grow your small business. Yet many
activities may be more distracting than valuable. You need to focus your efforts for impact.

Let Matchstick help guide you

We can run a Focus for Impact workshop to get you moving in the right direction. When your path forward is clear, you can keep your eye on your business growth.

We'll help you set clear business direction

We'll meet with you in advance to understand your business model and goals. If you have a written business plan, great! If not, no worries – we'll use some simple frameworks to map your objectives.

Then, we'll start the workshop by clarifying and prioritizing your goals for the next year.

Target the right customers

Of course you would like everyone to buy your product or service. But too many times, that results in watered down messages that aren't clear for any specific customer group. Focusing on the right customers helps you to channel your energy, and makes sure your messages really resonate.

We'll work with you to really clarify who your existing customers are, and identify the next segments that you would like to target. This becomes the basis for your marketing roadmap.

Develop Specific Marketing

Strategic Expansion MatrixWith so many opportunities, it's tough to get organized. 

We use a simple, straightforward matrix to think about all the opportunities you have and  find new ones.

We help you make sure all the bases are covered so you get a balanced growth plan.

Once we create balance across these areas, we help you translate objectives into specific actions. Those actions drive your roadmap, and give you a clear plan on how to most effectively focus your resources.

Execute your Roadmap (Optional)

We recognize that you may want to execute your Roadmap on your own. If you want, Matchstick is happy to execute the recommended marketing programs for you, or we can recommend others who can help.

Why work with Matchstick?Why work with Matchstick?
  • First, we're successful practitioners of marketing. We were product managers for many years, and know what good, actionable plans look like.
  • We've helped medical technology businesses effectively focus resources for impact many times. Through exposure to different planning processes, we've created our own simple take of what works best. Our clients are pleased with the ability to execute our plans, and the succinct way that we communicate them.
  • We've helped small business develop actionable marketing roadmaps that created a clear path toward growth.
  • We use proven creative thinking techniques. We utilize the same techniques that we train our clients to use. These methods provide lots of novel ideas to help propel your business growth.