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Outmatch Competitors

Do you feel like a small fish in a big pond?

Do you worry that you lose out on high-value business to the larger companies?
You don’t need to get eaten by the big guys! Our competitive workshop gives you the time
and the process to think through stronger responses.

In today’s digital marketplace, there is no reason why small businesses can’t effectively compete alongside large companies for premium customers. It’s all a matter of how you present yourself.

Invite Matchstick to help you Outmatch Competitors

Our engaging workshop has your team step into your customer's shoes, to see the competitive landscape from their perspective. This is our version of War Games, and it will really get you to think differently about how you go to market.

Let's start with your competitor

Matchstick spends some time, upfront, getting to know your key competitor. We analyze their go-to-market messages and activities with a trained professional marketing eye. We prepare your team in advance with insights as to the comparative imagery, positioning, messages and strategies between your company and theirs.

Next, play a game of strategy

Our workshop incorporates proven creative thinking techniques to get the new ideas flowing. We lead you through a variety of activities, starting with a view from competitor's side. We take time to really understand how they approach the market. Your team benefits from the resulting "aha" from delving into the competitor's mindset. Your focus becomes sharper, and more sensitive to promoting differences that matter to your customers.

Learn from the game and create stronger strategies

We'll take an honest look at how customers perceive your approach versus the competitors. Are you both saying essentially the same thing? To customers, this sounds like "blah blah blah". Where are you stronger? Where is your competitor stronger? What can you say that's truly different and meaningful? This insight becomes the basis for strategy development.

Once we've identified where you need to focus, it's time to develop new strategies. How do you compare in terms of image and polish? We use proven creative thinking techniques to hone in on the messages and activities that provide you with the most leverage. We help you develop an approach that will resonate with customers and distinguish you from your competition.

Leave with a solid action plan

We then take the best ideas and create plan that's ready to implement. It will include items like: polishing your web presence, communicating more compelling messages, showing up in new venues and utilizing new media.

The result will enable your business to shine – and to Outmatch Your Competitor, even when they are much larger than you are.

Why work with Matchstick?Why work with Matchstick?
  • We've used these techniques to combat tough competitors. We were able to maintain premium pricing in an increasingly commoditized market through laser-sharp marketing and messaging. These techniques were integral to our success.