The Matchstick Early Career Experience™ is an opportunity for highly motivated individuals to learn the art and craft of medical devices.


You'll learn .

Why are we offering the Early Career Experience?

It’s pretty easy to teach you the basics of devices or clinical considerations through traditional learning methods. But once you know the vocabulary, the actual work is craft, and you can’t learn it from a book.

To really become a craftsman, you need hands-on experience working alongside experts who are willing to teach and coach.

You invest your time and energy. We invest our time and knowledge and teach you our craft. Working together, we develop you into the sort of individual we’d want to hire. At the end of your apprenticeship, we might just do that!

We encourage sophomores, juniors, and seniors undergrads (or grad students) to apply. We’re interested in a variety of backgrounds: engineering, graphic design, information design, pharmacy, nursing, and health policy.

“ECE is a front row seat to how to build a company the right way.”ashley collimore, university of pennsylvania
   be mechanical engineering

How does it work?


We’re working with the world’s top medical and pharmaceutical firms. Surrounded by smart people with lots of experience, you’ll be pushed well outside your comfort zone.

This experience is time consuming, difficult, and highly personal. Time and energy are scarce resources, and the right person will pour them into this role.

“It inspires me that each day is an opportunity to improve someone else’s life.”colby thomas, university of rhode island
   bs biomedical engineering

Who can apply?


Current students

Apply in your sophomore or junior year of undergrad (or while you are a grad student). You work with us one or more summers; we decide to invite you back or not.

In your graduation year, we decide whether to accept you to the full time 12-month program. If you accepted, you commit to work for us for a year and focus your time and energy learning your craft.

Upcoming or recent graduates

You are welcome to apply for the apprenticeship. Since you haven’t worked for us during one or more summers, the bar is much higher, as we don’t have much data on your fit and capabilities, and you’ll have a lot more to learn.

“I was in ECE for two summers, and discovered my passion was pharmaceutical marketing.”alyssa gettel, st. joseph's university

What will I learn about?

We don’t expect you to come with knowledge of consulting, medical devices, or clinical topics. Structured onboarding helps you move up the curve quickly. Expect classroom time, case preparation, and presentations to our group…all with direct feedback. From Day 1, you’ll work side by side with our team on actual client and internal projects as you learn the basics. We promise a variety of very cool, interesting challenges. You won’t be bored, and you’ll learn something everyday.

Knowledge and Skills

No matter what your background, we cover the basics of consulting, how to frame and solve problems, clinical considerations around medication delivery and and drug delivery devices. If you don’t have a clinical background, we also cover diseases, diagnosis, and treatment.

  • Business writing (slides and written documents)
  • Usability testing and human factors for medical devices
  • Creative thinking, brainstorming, ideation techniques
  • Presenting to persuade and communicate
  • Information design (presenting data visually)
  • Meeting facilitation skills
  • Project leadership
  • Basic financial management (profit and loss, costing)

As your apprenticeship progresses, expect more focus on leadership behaviors. These soft skills make or break your career over the long term. Various assessments drive your coaching and development plans and are the basis for your feedback on a routine basis. Individual reflection is a key part of that; everyone in the program keeps a learning journal.

  • Collaborating as a high-performing team
  • Managing energy and stress
  • Flexing for interpersonal styles and approaches
  • Dealing with ambiguity
  • Navigating organizational politics
  • Developing executive presence
“The ECE program has jump started my career in healthcare and created a path into a fun, exciting, and impactful industry.”kris alvarez, stevens institute of technology
   be biomedical engineering

What’s it like to be at one of the Top 10 Best Places to Work in NJ?

There is no typical day here. That’s what makes it exciting. It’s a crazy mix of fun, individual work, team events, group meetings, and learning. To get the most out of it, throw yourself into it and be a part of building something amazing. It will be the fastest and most exhilarating 12 months of your life!


It’s natural to have questions. Here’s the most common ones we get.

This isn’t a gimmick to get free labor. We do things by the book: apprentices are salaried, W2, employees of Matchstick and receive health insurance and other benefits, including a 401k and paid vacation. Apprentices sign the same employment and confidentiality contracts as any other company employee.
Apprentices work 40 hours per week, at our studio in Boonton, NJ. Remote and part-time apprenticeships are not available. If you will be relocating for your apprenticeship, we can provide non-financial assistance with travel and lodging arrangements.
Yes, from time to time. Mainly the travel will be within the US, but there may be an occasional overseas trip. You will need a passport and we strongly suggest PreCheck (time is money, and we hate waiting in lines). Some travel may take place on a weekend in order to be ready for client meetings.
If you choose to do an apprenticeship here, we want your full attention, and classwork detracts from what you’ll learn here. We need your full focus and attention.
Unfortunately, apprenticeship is only available to people who are already authorized to work in US (excluding H-1B and J-1 visas). If you are not already authorized to work in the US, we cannot accept you into the program.
Our apprenticeship is hands on and you have to be here in Boonton NJ to participate.
While we’d love to help every student, we have a limited amount of time and energy to invest!  The apprentice program is the only way in.
There are no guarantees. Jobs after you complete the program depend on your performance, your fit with the team, and our needs at the moment. While we will make every effort to help you find a job in the industry, there are no guarantees – although if you apply yourself, we’re helping you increase your odds.
“This is most casual place I’ve ever worked at. Don’t be fooled. These are the most serious people I’ve ever worked with: razor sharp, on their game, and moving at warp speed.”natasha dave, fdu school of pharmacy
   pharmd and mba

Think you might be a good match?
Great. Let’s talk.

Expect a competitive process – several hundred applications for a handful of spots. Prepare your application thoughtfully and pay close attention to details – they are make-or-break. Here’s an overview of how our process works.

  • Connector.

    Check out the application on Workable

    We’ve asked you to provide answers to several questions as part of your application. They aren’t optional – a quick resume upload won’t get you this. Your application is asking us to invest time and energy in you. Help us understand your potential (why our investment is worth it), and help us see how you’d be a fit with the team (what you’d give in return).

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    Submit your application through Workable

    Most people spend several hours on their responses and collecting links to prior work. Once everything’s ready, upload your application into Workable. Yes, Workable is the only way we will take submissions.

  • Connector.

    We'll review your application.

    While we collect ECE applications online, real humans read every application. No keyword searches and digital black holes. If we have any questions, we’ll let you know. And we’ll let you know if you are selected or if we’re taking a pass.

If your application is selected, expect a brief screening interview (15-20 minutes) by video with some of our team. If you move forward, expect several rounds of different assessments and progressively longer in-person and video interviews. You may also have to prepare a case study or give a presentation. Candidates often complete 3-5 interviews.

Candidates often tell us their resumes don’t tell the whole story – this is your chance. We expect most applicants will have similar core classes in a given major. Don’t waste time and space with long course lists, as it doesn’t really set you apart.

We’ve given you the freedom to use your application to:

  • Differentiate yourself from other candidates
  • Demonstrate you have superior interest, curiosity, motivation, and commitment
  • Share prior work (portfolios, projects, reports, links, are all great)
  • Highlight what you’ll bring to the table
  • Help us to get to know you as a human being
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Schools represented in the Early Career Experience include: